Never Talk About Religion or Politics… Unless You Want to Talk to Me

Kissing Statue in Times Square

This blog is a space to express opinion, expound theory, explicate current events and generally comment, spew, pontificate and hold forth on whatever topics the editors choose.  (The Editors Comment: Keep it to politics, and nobody gets hurt.) There will be dialogue, monologue, argument and BLARGH (the sputtering vitriol of righteous rage), sometimes all in one sentence.  The main voice will be that of an average middle class American who has been a politics junkie for 40 years. In Junior HS I debated for the presidency of George McGovern over reelection of Richard Nixon, believing that Nixon was as bad as it could get and bemoaning that anyone could vote for him.  Time has proven that belief to be woefully unimaginative of just how friggin’ much worse things could actually be in the USofA. From Nixon to Reagan to Bush to the Tea Party is not just the worst double play combo ever, it illustrates a steady devolution in politics creating more BLARGH than believed extant in nature.

My passion is for cutting through the obfuscation and walls of words to find the fundamentals. My crazy belief is that that shouldn’t be so hard, that reality presents us with stuff that’s not that really difficult to decipher if we pay attention.  But the wily forces of confusion work 24/7 through folly and fine print to keep things opaque. To keep the money flowing away from the middle class, to the wealthy and keep the middle class from noticing it.  Give up, pay the man “what can you do”? FUCK THAT SHIT! THAT SHIT IS FUCKED! Or a simple acronym: “FTSTHIF”.

I’ve worked in show business and law. Been single then not. Childless, then not.  Fit then not (and back again, very cyclical that). Grew up in NYC, lived in LA and NJ. Been in the city and the suburb. My finding is that the suburbs are the devil. A deliberate attempt to separate ourselves that causes the most inefficient allocation of resources – a living embodiment of the kind of selfishness that destroys a civilization. Rural has a point and purpose. Urban has a point and purpose. Suburban is a purgatory of antisocial jerks, like me.  Whoa, opinion!  Nice!

So politics, art, current events, with a splash of sports when appropriate.



Polislice, num, num, num

Polislice, num, num, num