Headlines – Stuff to put in your knowledge hole

Think Progress – California has a budget surplus. Yeah, California. After being pointed to as a lost cause of dysfunctional government.  How?  They got rid of the damn Republicans. It’s that simple.

Progressive Democratic activists … transformed the electorate and sidelined Republican obstructionists.



China Online Daily (which I usually only read for the sudoku)

Wind power now no. 3 energy resource.  Passed nuclear.



The New Republic – Chris Christie (R-Hindenberg) vetoes an increase in minimum wage. A reminder that he’s a useless turd, Sandy notwithstanding. Just FYI- there’s not one state in these United States (50 total in case you forgot) in which a person earning minimum wage could afford a 2-bedroom apartment. You can not live on the minimum wage.  And the cost of living in NJ is 30% higher than the national average.


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