Gun Violence Hearings on Capitol Hill

This is it. Things start moving today, or not. I’m optimistic. They’ve got crazy Wayne LaPierre testifying that it’s all a sham and we’re foolish to do anything about guns. They accept no restrictions, registrations or checks at all, even the ones 90% of the country support.

We have Gabby Giffords, the parents of murdered children, the police chiefs, etc.

Sen. Gillibrand and Sen. Kirk will introduce The Gun Trafficking Prevention Act today. The first bi-partisan gun safety legislation. So important because a lot of gun violence that happens in big cities with strict gun control laws is caused by guns that travel from places like Virginia with lax gun laws. That has to be controlled. And end the straw buyers – individuals who buy multiple guns for other people who couldn’t legally buy those guns. So many insane holes in the system that the NRA has deliberately created, but denies responsibility for the mayhem that ensues.

By the way a 15 year-old from Chicago who performed in inaugural festivities was fatally shot yesterday. The tragedies just keep coming.

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