Reason No. Infinite Why The GOP Will Never Get its Shit Together

All you need to know is the POTUS has invited as a guest to the State of the Union tonight a 102 year old Florida woman (born before women had the right to vote) who waited on line for hours to vote, but persevered in order to exercise her franchise thus exemplifying the greatness of democracy.

And a totally deranged GOP Congressman from Texas (from the county where they dragged James Byrd to death by the way) invited gun wacko one hit wonder Ted Nugent. A man who pooped himself to avoid the draft, has admitted to having sex with underage girls, and has been in turns threatening and just profane towards the President, the First Lady, Hillary Clinton, and anybody who disagrees with him.

The contrast is illustrative.  

Other guests invited by Democratic lawmakers include gun violence victims and their families to keep the heat on Congress to do something about the 3 million guns in the country.

And Ted Nugent. A “voice” in the debate on guns. Ted Nugent. 

Okay, so what fair minded person looks at this and says this is balance? This is rational? These are two national political parties that are both acting responsibly in the debate over policy and the future of the country?

Oh and afterwards responses will be given (for the GOP) by the Magic Hispanic Marco Rubio and for the (Tea Party wing of the GOP) by Ayn Rand Paul.

Anybody who votes for Republicans in this era of Rush, Beck, Fox News, Tea Party, Koch Brothers, etc. total political bullshit, has taken leave of their ever loving senses.

No, just pissing off liberals is not a governing philosophy.

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