Whatever the govt. does and the Koch Bros. want. renewable energy GROWS

I’ve seen numerous solar panel arrays go up in my neighborhood recently, on houses and over parking lots, in front of the the numerous corporate headquarters in central Jersey… It’s not happening fast enough because of the drag caused by the criminal unresponsiveness of our government due to the assinine efforts of the climate deniers, but it’s happening make no mistake. Rational people get it.  For financial reasons if not concern for the simmering husk of post apocalyptic poop we’re going to leave the next generation, people are responding.

  • Non-hydro renewable electricity sources increased by 12.8% in 2012 over 2011;
  • Renewables were 5.4% of net U.S. electrical generation;
  • Solar increased by 138.9% year over year, while wind grew 16.6%

All while overall electrical generation dropped 1.1% (conservation is not just noble, it saves bucks baby)

  • Petroleum coke and liquids down 24.1% (take that ExxonMobil); 
  • Coal down by 12.5%, it fell from 50% of the nation’s overall electrical gen. a decade ago to just 37.4% now and dropping (take that Mitch McDonnell and Bob Murray);
  • Nuclear (clean? Yeah, but um, Fukushima!) down under 19% for first time

If we could just get the maniacs like Sen. Imhofe away from the levers of power we could really and truly end the burning of carbon based fuels, sooooooon!

Technical advances, falling costs, and the desire to address climate change have combined to rapidly expand the contribution of renewable energy to the nation’s electrical generation. With the right policy incentives, one can foresee these cleaner energy sources providing the bulk of the nation’s electrical needs within a generation.


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