The Disabled Want Sex Too

Have you seen Legit on FX? Very funny show starring Australian comic Jim Jefferies. In the 1st show of the season Jim volunteers to take his friend’s wheelchair bound brother to a brothel to have his first sexual experience. A lot of this first season has revolved around the character of Billy and his cohort at the care facility he used to live at. Quite unprecedented on American TV and it has to be good for the disabled community to finally be getting realistic depictions on TV. I mean Ironsides was great but… (yipes)!

“Sexuality doesn’t take disability into consideration. It’s in human nature,” said Pascale Ribes, vice president of the French Association for the Paralyzed, which has pressed for state approval for sexual assistance. “There are people who are deprived of access to their bodies, of their sexuality. Some can handle abstinence, but to be abstinent without choosing it is terrible.”

So as you can imagine happening in Europe (but not here, of course) there’s a debate as to whether national healthcare funds should be used to pay for sex surrogates for the disabled. It may surprise some people but selling sex is not legal in France. (So I no longer want to go.) And sex surrogacy is, no offense, a form of selling sex, is it not? Hey look, I think it should all be legal. Period. Everyone should get all the sex they want (and can pay for). Period. 

“We want a public debate. We have to ask real questions, about ethics but also about fundamental rights for the handicapped,” said Ribes, the French activist. In France, she said, “we consider people who are handicapped not people in and of themselves, but as objects of care.”

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