70% Say the GOP Out of Touch with Most Americans, and ho hum


Michael Tomasky carves up the stunning numbers from the ABC News poll: 70% believe that one of the two major parties is out of touch but get this, 49% of Republicans think their party is out of touch!  Half of them!  Their own party!  Out of touch!  So what’s next?

… it is one of the central problems in our politics, and perhaps the central one that these 49 percent have no one representing them. 

We are a two-party country, period. One of those parties is still somewhat ideologically diverse, running from Maxine to Max (Waters to Baucus). The other one is not. That is our problem. And it will remain so until rich moderate Republicans decide to get together and put their money behind organizations to give moderate Republicanism life and muscle again.

So Tomasky is hoping for a silent (maybe) majority of Republicans to either grow a spine and decide to reform the moderate wing of the party, or take it back altogether from the know-nothing extremists who’ve been bollocksing up everything. He has accepted that we are a two party country, period. I don’t agree. I do believe we can adopt more than the two parties that have been our reality for 100 years. 

But more to the point I believe it’s much more likely that that third party would be created by a schism within the GOP. And if that happens it’s not going to be moderates developing a sack. It’s going to be one of the brands of know-nothing (libertarians, Christianists) deciding to make a statement and going rogue.  

I’m rooting for this because it would give the Democrats a chance to run things in uniform government for a bit, which we badly need to heal the malfeasance of the GOP and push things into the 21st century on economic fairness, climate change, renewable energy, education, etc.  

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