Progress- Citizen’s United Amendment Introduced in the Senate

Has it been 7 days since my last post? I usually only stretch Father’s Day to a long tequila soaked weekend but I suppose a new precedent has been set. Take that liver!

Sens. Tester and Udall each proposed amendments on Tuesday the 19th of June to address the ravages of the Citizen’s United ruling and unlimited dark money in politics.  This follows on the 15 states and the District of Columbia who have voted to support an amendment.

Tester introduced an amendment that would end corporate personhood rights, overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Tester’s measure is similar to the “People’s Rights Amendment” that Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) introduced in the House. Udall’s bill would give Congress and the states the ability to limit spending in election campaigns, similar to another McGovern bill in the House.

Money and gerrymandering are the prime culprits in the slow lingering death of American democracy.  The two not so easy steps to get us back to the experiment in democracy that started in 1776 and continued until around 1980 are

  1. declare that corporations are not people and money is not speech; and
  2. end gerrymandering by party affiliation creating safe noncompetitive seats in Congress.

I’ve talked about Item 1 until I’m, blue in the face, which goes great with my nice Tommy Hilfiger shirt and makes my blue eyes really pop (so I’m told).

Item 2 is just as important because right now all those “safe” seats mean that the holders of those seats do not have to worry about a challenge from the other party. Nope. Because their districts are set up to be predominantly populated by people from their party, all they have to fear is a primary challenge. Which means that are compelled to placate the far extremes of their party and pretty much ignore just about everybody else to keep their phony baloney jobs. That is what is driving the GOP further off the edges of the Earth.

Theoretically this mechanism should be driving the Democrats further left too.  Some would say the Blue Dog Democrat is on the endangered list because of it but that’s not true. The Blue Dogs are dying out because, for the most part, they’ve competed with Republicans by trying to our-Republican them and we all know that if the choice is between a real Repub and a fake Repub, they’re going to choose the real one. Like butter over margarine – every time.

Ideologically, at this time there just is no real true radical leftist agenda that compares with the radical right wing agenda that oozes from every aspect of the political debate. See this post for that discussion.

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