The Luckiest Man in America’s luck running out

Whether you refer to him as “The Luckiest Man in America” or “Mr. Warmth”, Chris Christie is a completely typical right wing Republican gas bag and out of control ego. His popularity is a media created fantasy because his so-called bigger than life personality and redfaced feistiness are great copy for them. So when he confounds his fellow GOPers they love it. When he confounds their media narrative of him being a “different kind of Republican” they sit on that.

The reality for Mr. Warmth’s headquarters today is that they have to deal with polls showing a 10 point drop in his campaign to be re-elected by acclamation and be named the most popular governor in the world! (geez, Christie must have had a lonely childhood to be so needy). And by the way, wasn’t Sarah Palin once the most popular governor in the world? How’d that work out?

Christie’s support among Democratic voters has slipped since Monmouth’s June poll. Thirty-six percent of Democrats said they supported him in June, while only 21 percent gave their support in the newest poll. Buono’s support among Democrats has increased from 59 to 71 percent. She has focused this summer on a fairly progressive agenda, including hammering Christie’s record on women’s health and marriage equality.

So Christie dropped from 61-31 to 56-36 as of a poll released today, before his endorsement of the excessively nutty Steve Lonegan for senate. The drop is mostly because of Democrats coming home to a Democrat, which should continue after the campaign gets really serious post-Labor Day. Especially if Barbara Buono hammers Christie on the inconsistencies between his legend and his reality. Like endorsing the humongously wacky tea partier Steve Lonegan. 

Lonegan has called social security a ponzi scheme. He’s in bed with the Koch Bros. Americans for Prosperity.  He denies climate science as “silly hysteria.” He began his political career by campaigning about McDonald’s putting up signs in Spanish. He opposes same-sex marriage, gun reform, the Dept. of Education and women’s choice. He’s a perfect right wing talk radio candidate, full of 19th century prejudices and 21st century fact free.

And Christie endorsed him. Not a very moderate, reasonable, rational or different kind of Republican thing to do. So if you Google search Christie endorsement of Lonegan you get 0 hits. I know Rachel and Lawrence covered it last night. I bet they were the only news media that did.

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