It’s Friday ya bastards!

Just some thoughts that made me go hmmmm:

The same people who decry food stamps, welfare and unemployment and think everyone’s abusing these programs in an effort to keep from working also don’t want to increase the minimum wage, which would be an incentive to work. (I guess that’s how you know they’re full of shit.)


NSA workers, presumed to be working in good faith, violated the privacy of American citizens 2,776 times. That’s 2,776 OOPS! when they were trying to be good. What if they weren’t trying to be good?


A very young America enacted tariffs in order to protect its new industries against the British manufacturing behemoth. Which made sense in order to get young industries off the ground. Theoretically, when those industries mature and can compete, you then drop tariffs and advocate free trade.

But because of the power of those industries in D.C., even when American industry started to dominate the world, the tariffs never went away and the resulting trade imbalance in our favor helped to cause the 1929 crash.

The last 30 years, as Walmart and other purchasers bought Chinese products and Made in the USA became a sad, pathetic cry for help, we should have enacted tariffs and protected American manufactures. But again, powerful business lobbies made “protectionism” a curse word and now virtually nothing is made here and a huge trade imbalance helped bring about the 2008 melt down.

When are we gonna get this right?


“The true conservative seeks to protect the system of private property and free enterprise by correcting such injustices and inequalities as arise from it … I am that kind of conservative because I am that kind of liberal.”

– Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1936



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