12 Years Ago Today – The Last Time I Cried

Watching the Towers crumble I broke down like a baby, for the people still inside and for the pure emotional shock of the chaos of that morning.

I wasn’t living in my home town that day, I was 3000 miles away physically, watching it on TV in the very early morning on the West Coast. But I couldn’t wait to come home, to walk those streets. I got back there the first week of October and I went right down to Ground Zero to see what I could see, to feel what I could feel – to be with my people.

A lot of it was still cordoned off but that smell – that smell that wafted up from downtown for weeks afterward. Wow. And everywhere you went in the city it was still raw, still a fresh wound. The makeshift memorials, the desperate handbills looking for the missing stating “last seen on 9/11”. The firehouses with the pictures of the fallen taped up on the walls and fields worth of flowers being left on the sidewalks outside.

Funny, but one of the things I remember most was going to work the next day, sitting in my high rise office building and just staring zombie-like at the computer screen looking for news. Numb. Pretty useless for anything like work. Some time after noon I went to my office manager and told her that I wasn’t doing anybody any good being there, I wasn’t functional. She knew what I meant, of course. We both looked out the window from her 29th floor office and she said, “If that happens I’m not going that way, I’m going out the window.”

One thought on “12 Years Ago Today – The Last Time I Cried

  1. Very powerful post. Really well done and moving.

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