Kardashian’s Trainer Says Post-Baby Pix Faked

I know, I know, Kardashian! You’re posting something with the name Kardashian in it? Holy fuck did your channel changer break on E! this weekend? Has Polislice been brainwashed over to the nonsense side of things?

HA! Polislice brainwashed like George Romney? Never! Rest assured reader that this has a point that is actually pretty compelling (I think).

This personal trainer is denouncing photoshopping of women’s pictures in magazines, a practice that is so commonplace and pernicious in portraying the women pictured in magazines as being way more “perfect” than they are. The exposes of this practice, hereand here, where pores disappear, wrinkles are miraculously smoothed, hips and thighs are narrowed, muffin top eliminated, cleavage enhanced and so on, so that a 40 something 120 pound woman who smokes, drinks and lives in the sun becomes a 20 something 105 pound woman who lives like a cloistered nun, are generally both comical and crazy-making. Nobody is as perfect as these people are purported to be. If you hate yourself because you can’t look as good as them, let it go because they don’t look that good either!

It’s one disgusting thing to take 20 pounds off of curvy Jennifer Lawrence so that young women will think they have to binge and purge to be like her, but to fake photos of women who have just had a baby to show them back in their perfect bikini bodies just after the cord was cut is really beyond the pale. This is when women are at their most vulnerable on body image – having a baby changes your body, period. When Victoria’s Secret models are back on the cover of Vogue with no ill effects it can be demoralizing to woman who can’t shake that last 5, 10, 30 pounds, watched their breasts drop and have stretch marks that resemble road maps of Ohio on their bellies. But ladies, it’s all smoke, mirrors and air brushing. They are not superwomen. They may have personal trainers and personal chefs, but they also have Photoshop to take care of what 6 hours of aerobics and the Tic Tac diet can’t.


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