GOP pees in its own pool with food stamp nonsense

Timothy Egan in the NYT notes the Red State Pain coming the GOPs way as they continue to aimlessly float away from reality like a lonely helium balloon that has escaped the party. 

Very specifically I note that of the 254 counties in America that saw their food stamp use double since the 2008 financial meltdown, 213 of them are in red districts. 

The gross immorality of a national political party that has no plans for jobs, will not raise the minimum wage, fights against any help for workers at all and is dismissive of inequality, but feels compelled to deny healthcare and food to the uninsured and hungry is a true scandal and should be the breaking point of that party. 

They are emboldened because of the corner they’ve painted themselves into. By winning in 2010 they took over state houses and gerrymandered the hell out of those states so that the tea party – the most rock ribbed Republicans – are the only people that matter in those districts. The path they have chosen is literally off the cliff. To ignore math and science and, of course, economics, and push the ideological agenda of Ayn Rand down everybody’s throats.

Egan notes the incredible turn of events that would make professional RWNJ Rick Santorum the voice of reason on anything:

Earlier this summer, Santorum said Republicans look like the party of plutocrats, stiffing working people and the poor. The 2012 convention, he noted, was a parade of one-percenters, masters of the universe and company owners.

“But not a single — not a single — factory worker went out there,” he said. “Not a single janitor, waitress or person who worked in that company! We didn’t care about them.”

The lemmings of the GOP, with their crazy blinders on, will march proudly over the cliff believing they’re taking back their country. 

The only answer is to make sure that the word is spread and everyone knows what responsible government used to be like from FDR to Nixon and what lunatics are running the GOP today. The young, the poor, the under served by our plutocratic government must come and vote and drown out the rich, old, foolish and increasingly delusional voices that often dominate off-year elections like 2010. Losing the WH and Senate in 2012 did nothing to diminish their crazy because they still held the House and in effect could hold us all hostage. A situation that must be rectified.

The people in those 213 counties who would be left to go hungry have to understand that the GOP is not on their side – Democrats are.

The workers looking for a living wage everywhere have to know have to understand that the GOP is not on their side – Democrats are. 

The people who need health insurance who either will be helped by Obamacare and/or will still not be helped because of their Republican governors have to understand that the GOP is not on their side – Democrats are.

Women, looking for the respect due them, the economic and reproductive freedom due to them as citizens have to understand that the GOP is not on their side – Democrats are.

People who fair minded, who respect facts, science, education, the rational idea that intelligence is taking stock of situations on the ground and acting in accordance with what would serve the greater good should understand that the GOP is not on their side – Democrats are.

If we don’t make the GOP a laughingstock in 2013 and show up in 2014 in droves, like 2008 and 2012, it’s going to be a long horrible period for this country till 2016… and beyond.

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