Jonathan Turley asks the question…

If 24% of Americans have no faith how come they’re so under represented in American politics? Citing a new Yougov poll

Yet, I am struck by the large number of atheists and agnostics given their small influence on politics. Compare more powerful groups like the 34 percent of gun owners or 22 percent Tea Party supporters or 12.9 percent over 65 or 3.5 percent Gay population or the 2.2 percent Jewish population. Non-believers constitute 25 percent of the population but continue to be not onlymarginalized politically but vilified socially. It is an interesting contrast with other groups of similar or strikingly smaller size with more power politically.

The Overton Window on atheism is moving quickly. No religious affiliation is the fastest growing group. When we get a high profile atheist win elected office the political cover and influence will come.

It is pretty striking how the 2.2% of Jews has such incredible influence.

The comments section on the YouGov poll is great. Atheists took that over.

It’s bloody hilarious. One of these loons even told me this (comment can be seen below): “Mitchell, you are obsessed and trapped by your own rationality.”

Oh snap! Trapped in the real world! What absolute incompetence.

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