It’s Friday ya Bastards

The media and GOP have engaged in what I can only describe as “Failure Porn” regarding the ACA, It’s just pile on everywhere with very little coverage of positive stories for the usual outlets. You have to go to the nighttime MSNBC shows to get any perspective at all. The 3-legged stool of this Failure Porn are the low signups to date, the well publicized website issues and the cancellations of the non-conforming policies.  The reality is that whatever they do to deal with the cancellations (and whether they should actually do anything), the first two issues will go away.

(1) the federal website is getting fixed while the state websites are working well, for those states that served their citizens and created them;

(2) while sign ups have been low, this is to be expected as the people who actually can get through (850,000 applications filed) don’t actually choose a plan until they have to, this is the pattern that all insurance mandates follow and especially Romneycare, which only signed up 123 people in its first month but now insures 98% of Massachusetts.

When those two legs of the stool go away the story goes away. The GOP is giddily jumping on this now while the iron is hot and the media is so keen to go along with this Failure Porn coverage. 

Of course the GOP never actually tries to do anything big for the American people (unless you count Iraq) so it’s easy for them to always criticize from the sidelines and hope to reap the benefits. Sadly, they often do. Sick, sick sick! 


Heard that liberal talker Randi Rhodes show is being cancelled after her contract expires in January. The Flush Rush movement that has brought Limbaugh and his syndicators to their knees since his attacks on Sandra Fluke (ClearChannel posted a $200 million loss mostly because of loss of revenues for Rush’s show) has had collateral damage making some advertisers hinky about advertising on any potentially controversial talk shows. But Premiere (a Clear Channel company) and other syndicators have taken this opportunity to cut their liberal talkers rather than dump Rush. Figures.

I’be been listening to Randi since the first day of Air America – March 4, 2004 when she opened up by telling Ralph Nader that she “could not afford” his activism if it results in George Bush being elected.

The statistics on talk radio are literally insane as conservative voices dominate 90% of talk radio. Even in vastly liberal places like NY, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C. you can find Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin and the gang everywhere but hardly any liberal talk. The companies and conservatives have the nerve to say that places that vote 75%-25% liberal want conservative voices 90%-10%. That’s just ridiculous horseshit. 

It’s just a shame that smart talkers who tell their audience to do their own research and not just accept whatever is spewed on the radio as fact, always get pushed around by the big corporations whether they’re profitable or not. Then the right wing will claim that there’s no interest in liberal talk and that’s why they failed.  


Federal Reserve Chairman nominee Janet Yellen berated Senators at her confirmation hearings yesterday for their austerity fiscal policies forcing the Fed to keep their monetary policy expansionist. She called out the legislature for working at cross purposes with the Fed and keeping the recovery stalled. Awesome.

She just might be the right person for the job.

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