So, media, let me get this straight

Democrats try to do things, big things. Trying to slow the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and get millions of Americans with no health insurance coverage, while guaranteeing they can’t dump you if you get sick or have a preexisting condition, etc. etc. etc. is VERY BIG. But if it’s not perfect, from the beginning, the country will turn to the party that doesn’t even try?

Help me out here media.  You’re saying Democrats have to be perfect, but the GOP just has to exist? The party that has no big plans or even small plans to make people’s lives better, the party that shut down the government, the party that threatened to blow up our credit rating – that party is the DEFAULT that everyone will turn to if the Democrats big plans aren’t perfectly realized immediately? Really? The party that has had the House for three years and done almost nothing besides restrict abortion rights and voting rights is America’s party?

How is it that the current President has taken more shit for stuff the right wing media has either made up or exaggerated than the last President did for starting a war under false pretenses? And then you have the nerve to compare a faulty website to people drowning in New Orleans?

So, what you’re saying is in trying to do that big thing, get health insurance for 50 mil uninsured people, if you fail (or even falter), voters will reward the party who went out of its way to obstruct, demean and dismantle the attempt, actually going so far as to take out ads to get young people not to sign up – for health care coverage?!

I don’t think so. I think the GOP was rewarded for their very bad behavior in 2010, but that is not going to happen again. 

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