Oh There’s a War Alright – A War on Thanksgiving


And it’s being waged by Christmas, my friends. Christmas is eclipsing and co-opting our very own American holiday. With the Christmas music, decorations, and above all the insanely decadent shopping obsession starting earlier and earlier each year, Thanksgiving is at risk.

And if Thanksgiving isn’t scared it only needs to look at the late, great, Halloween.

There used to be 3 distinct holidays in the fall/winter. Halloween, at the end of October was pretty big and was in complete control of the agenda for October. Candy and costumes dominated with nary a hint of Thanksgiving, or God forbid Christmas, until Halloween was successfully prosecuted. Then, and only then, did stores put their Thanksgiving paraphernalia up and on display. Everything closed for Thanksgiving and then, the day after Thanksgiving was when Christmas took it’s place in stores. Although even so, decent people didn’t put trees up and didn’t start playing 24/7 “Santa Baby” in rotation with “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” until December – often mid-December!

It made sense.

It was proper.

It worked.

But Christmas got greedy and started pushing the boundaries. “Black Friday”, the satanically ominous name by which we refer to the day after Thanksgiving nowadays, became the biggest shopping day of the year. And then, since the power of a great deal is seductive, why not encroach on Thanksgiving itself? Do we really need to close and let people have their day with their families? Wouldn’t they rather have the $7.25 an hour? Lots of money on the line, why not open Thanksgiving night?

The day the stores start pushing Christmas goodies pushed past Thanksgiving all the way to October, upstaging Halloween. There really isn’t even any distinct pre-Thanksgiving with paper turkeys and cardboard cornucopias anymore! Halloween hasn’t even tricked or treated yet and is that a Christmas tree and tinsel in aisle 7 ALREADY?

Greed head Christmas wants it all. It won’t stop until it starts on July 5th and continues through New Year’s.

And doesn’t it make perfect sense that such a well coordinated, well funded lobbying mechanism like Christmas would cover its ambitious power grabs by concocting the laughable lie that is the “War on Christmas”? Yes, it does. And that it’s being pushed by the same corrupt outfits that pushed the mythical “liberal media” says so much.

Fight back Americans. Get angry.

When you see Christmas decorations in your supermarket or department store before Halloween is over, get angry!

When you hear “Silent Night” playing in a store on November fucking 15, get angry!

When stores stay open on Thanksgiving and make good people work so stupid people can get a cheap HDTV, get angry!

Get angry and demand a robust response to the War on Thanksgiving. Let’s stop Christmas and it’s takeover of all we hold dear. Thank you!

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