All you need to know about Ronald Reagan

1. Took down the solar panels Jimmy Carter put up on the White House, a symbol of how his cavalier and misguided “keep burning fossil fuels like a madman” energy policy set us back 30 years.

2. Vetoed the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act and Congress and the Senate overrode his veto. Only the second time a president’s veto was overridden (313-83 and 78-21) on a foreign affairs matter in the 20th century. He loved the apartheid regime, although he claimed to hate apartheid. So did Thatcher. But they weren’t racists. They claimed to know better how to help the people of South Africa. Reagan in particular bought into the story that the African National Congress was financed by the Soviets, which made them part of the evil empire, natch. The anti-Communist fetish was insanely destructive and behind a lot of baffling policies by conservatives.

P.S. Reagan also didn’t like Bishop Tutu.

P.S.S. Congressman Dick Cheney voted against the sanctions. And he also voted against the MLK Day holiday.

These are terrible people.

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