Elizabeth Warren Proposes Bill to Ban Credit Scores in Hiring Process

It’s not the big bill to fix the economy we need, but that wouldn’t have any chance of passage any old way. I hope this bill does. There’s a lot of unfairness in the job hunt process and it’s just getting worse and worse, but the use of someone’s credit score against a person looking for a job seems so egregiously unfair it should be addressed. Senator Elizabeth Warren (aka the Sexiest Woman Alive) gets it and is proposing legislation to keep credit scores out of the process.  

Sen. Warren, is doing the people’s business in a way that is getting under the skin of certain corporate a-hole types

Obviously, a whopping great infrastructure package is off the table. And that’s not Elizabeth Warren’s fault, of course. But that’s the point, isn’t it: Elizabeth Warren, the de facto leader of the new economic justice movement, is so stifled by our broken system (the vetocracy, to use Francis Fukuyama’s apt phrase) that this counts as a reform worth of a major media outreach.

We need 50 more of her ilk. Huzzah! Huzzah! Sadly, the rest of the bad lot (read: Republicans) have allowed our entire economic situation to go unremediated in any real way.

When the history books of the Great Recession are written, there will be chapters and chapters about how a sclerotic and dysfunctional system of governance allowed a short-term aggregate demand shock to rot into a serious structural problem. The question now is whether Congress will let the wounded country keep staggering forward, or keep making things worse until the system completely breaks down.

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