It’s 2014 – So Where’s My Flying Car?

And my robot manservant? Also good would be an orgasmatron.


So where is the future we were promised?

We passed 1984 30 years ago, but that wasn’t about technology so much as totalitarianism and who’s to say our present tyranny of the anointed classes isn’t just another more insidious version of Orwell’s nightmare?

Blade Runner (Dir.: Ridley Scott, 1982) was set in 2019, only 5 years from now. As bad as Los Angeles is, it’s not the dystopian hellhole imagined by Phillip K. Dick. So that’s good. But where are the flying cars and replicants? Not that we don’t already have enough psychopaths like combat model replicant Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), albeit well armed human ones. But the pleasure models like Pris (Daryl Hannah, below) are way overdue. I could take or leave the raccoon makeup, but all in all, she’ll do.


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