Could the Economy be Stronger than we Think?

Just askin’.  Of course employment wise we’re in a systemic crapper but I was surprised by a couple of interesting numbers.

  1. Factory orders in November 2013 were up 1.8%. Doesn’t sound like much? It’s not. But…

On an overall dollar basis, orders reached $497.9 billion, the highest level since the series was first published on a NAICS basis in 1992. Excluding  transportation, new orders increased 0.6 percent.  

That’s the highest amount of manufacturing orders since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were new, Murphy Brown was rocking the ratings and a prepubescent Macauley Culkin was tearing up the Plaza in Home Alone 2. 

This seems surprising to me given the wide spread acknowledgment that we don’t make anything here anymore. We must make something to comprise that $497.9B! And it’s not all pot because this was before the 1/1/14 Colorado pot ‘splosion.

    2.  Also, the U.S. trade deficit hit a 4 year low in November. Again, what the hell are we trading? Thought we were importing everything from China and the only things we make here in America are fast food. Apparently that’s not the case. Total deficit decreased 12.5%, the smallest trade deficit since October 2009.

Not sure what it all means since we know the country is in a toilet and there’s no hope at all so we just have to save ourselves and allow the unemployed and poor to be eaten by wild animals (you don’t have to run faster than the wolves, just faster than your neighbor).


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