3D Printing, Solar Power – Can People Relate?

The next technology to make us feel old and separate one generation from another is the burgeoning 3D printing craze. in my lifetime we’ve gone from the hula hoop to 3-D printing and I’m still working on the concept behind the hula hoop.

So much of the 3D printing stuff I read is fairly impenetrable and I can’t relate to it except for the gun printing (which scares the crap out of me) and this story about Hershey experimenting with the technology to manufacture their confections.

In other Hershey news the company is moving into spreads and will create a new product called Hershey’s Spreads to which the only response will be “that’s what I’ve heard, so the rumors are true?” (tee hee hee)

Segue: I’m wondering if the conservative reluctance to embrace renewable sources of energy is that they just can’t fathom that solar power or wind power could possibly be real. They’re too simple to be able to provide the kind of energy that you get from carbon, that you have to work for, you have to dig a well for it or blow up a mountain for it. Maybe the sneering is because they can’t imagine that sun or wind could provide enough energy to run a factory on it or a city. Sure, you can run a refrigerator light on wind power, when the wind blows, but not real machinery. You have to have coal or oil or nuclear to run society.

I understand the old line energy companies and their lobbying to keep every penny their old technologies create for them, despite dire consequences for the economy and the environment. Afterall,

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair

But why does the rank and file average conservative consumer sneer about renewable energy unless they just don’t understand how it could work?

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