If Poverty is Because of Immorality is Wealth Evidence of Morality?

And that’s how you can easily dismiss the poverty/immorality connection. Clearly any examination of the wealthy would make an exaltation of their moral superiority an exercise in extreme hilarity. Is wealth really a reward for virtuous living? Are the rich more moral than the rest of us? Commence laughter.

The moral frailty of the 1% is equivalent to 80 year old women in South Florida being stripped of their fur coats to shiver in the frigid 65 degree night. We don’t even have to discuss the issues of Dickensian economic inequality – tax policy, regulatory issues, Wall Street predation, etc. – that the left views as issues of morality and the right sees as liberty and freedom, fuck yeah! No, we can just look at the issues of good and evil that the right cites as moral chaos that creates poverty – divorce, single motherhood, infidelity, abortion, homosexuality, watching Broadway musicals, etc.

How do you explain the legion of stories of marriage, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, the sexual amusement park that is the playground of the rich and powerful? Not to mention their blessed progeny, who themselves are rich and powerful, without having done any of the virtuous things that conveyed their parents or grandparents to wealthtown. Even if you could ignore the multiple marriages, infidelity, out of wedlock births, homosexuality of the elder generation that earned the money, how do you answer for the Paris Hilton’s that the right fights against estate taxes for? Single motherhood is a an inexcusable failing but making sex tapes is more a gray area? 

Whether it’s royal families, titans of industry, the investment community, NBA superstars, CEOs or reality TV stars, the 1% cannot under any circumstances be considered moral paragons. So can we really believe that Jesus (and his father who brought him into the business) has smiled upon these people and made them rich because of their moral worthiness?

For every Warren Buffett who was married to his late first wife for 52 years with no hint of scandal for him or his children, there’s Donald Trump. The Donald. Seriously? Three marriages, numerous stories of mistresses and infidelity, and a bankruptcy or fraud scandal for every woman willing to sleep with the orange haired birther king.   

But the right would have you believe that Buffett and Trump are financially secure because of their virtuousness. So were the Borgias, William Randolph Hearst and Kim Kardashian. David D. Rockefeller is in heaven creating cloud monopolies along with every Pope and King of England, even the ones that had their wives beheaded because divorce was unacceptable.

If we are to believe the religious right that issues of poverty can only be addressed by dealing with the moral degradation of modern society – which they’ve been saying for 200 years going back to the Calvinists – then don’t we have to believe the inverse, that the rich are the annointed due to their worthiness? We would be hypocrites otherwise.

Just as hypocritical as if anybody had ever said something like “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven” and assuming the rich were all immoral while we strive to emulate them – if only financially.

And yes, sex tapes are a gray area – they depend on production values. Maybe that’s just me.

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