Another Reason Not to Drink Soda

Consumer Reports is warning that many sodas, especially Pepsi have too high levels of a known human carcinogen.

The golden-brown color of many soft drinks comes with a dose of the chemical 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MeI. On U.S. product labels it appears simply as “caramel coloring.”

Those who say the chemical may possibly cause cancer include the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer and the state of California, which now limits manufacturers to 29 micrograms of exposure for the average consumer per day.

Typically Pepsi was slippery in its response.

In a statement to Consumer Reports, PepsiCo Inc. said data indicate that the average person consumes less than one-third a can of diet soda per day; therefore, its product meets the California standard, even if a complete serving exceeds that limit.

So the average person only has a can of soda every 3 days so we’re all fine. Unless you drink the whole can and then do that again tomorrow. What if you have two cans a day? That would be 6 days worth of cancer batter. One 32 ounce Big Gulp is therefore around 9 days worth. So I’m not that thrilled with their rationale for continuing to drink the stuff.

Jonathan Turley noted:

It certainly makes the company’s “Live For Now” slogan a bit more menacing.

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