Koch Brothers Trying to Buy 2014 (while we fiddle about 2016)

Stories about Hilary “super PACs” and such are sadly expected. In the meantime, there’s 2014 and the Koch’s and their ilk are opening up the spigot in the hopes of another 2010 and a further plutocrat takeover of our government.

The Democrats have smaller versions of these operations, though they are more focused on building a super PAC to collect unlimited donations supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016, and they lack the resources to compete with the Kochs at this stage.

I know it’s inevitable that all the media attention will be on pretty and shiny 2016 rather than rumpled policy wonk 2014 and I might as well be screaming at clouds, but Jeez! If Democrats focus 1 second or 1 penny on 2016 that could be pointed at any of the senate, house and state house races of 2014 that will decide who decides, shame on them.

If 2014 goes badly (knock wood, cross fingers), then Pres. Hilary will be playing from behind and fighting the continuing dismantling of the 20th century rather than implementing any sort of 21st century progress.

I’m focusing all my money and attention on 2014, please do the same, rinse, repeat.

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