Superb Owl Has Taken Over Times Square

Superb Owl Has Taken Over Times Square

Colbert is calling it the Superb Owl in order to get around the very litigious NFL and their trademarked “big game” (wink wink).

I got this picture of Cletus, a 15 foot tall version of the usually digital Fox Sports robot, festooned upon their remote broadcast booth in Times Square. The entire 5 blocks of pedestrian walkways are now taken up by temporary broadcast facilities from Fox, ESPN, NFL Network and key sponsors. Then down each block you have the support trailers that feed the broadcasts and underfoot are the 1000s of feet of wires linking all.

While taking the picture I was propositioned by Minnie Mouse. A diminutive young lady who makes a living taking pictures with tourists while dressed in a plush Minnie Mouse costume came over to me and asked in a decidedly Asian accent if I wouldn’t like her picture. I didn’t have a child with me. So it felt weird and not a little like a come on. I politely told her I was not interested in taking her picture. Then when I was walking away I noticed her dancing suggestively in front of one of the many Times Square cleaning crew members who was enjoying it way too much.

Kinky boots indeed.

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