VW Accused of Harassing Workers INTO Unionizing

It’s like a bad sit-com. I’ve been following the story of how Volkswagen in Germany is, of course, heavily and successfully unionized and would like to have their Tennessee plant join the UAW. The NYT has an update today. But local politicians and Club for Growth anti-worker propaganda outfits are working overtime to keep Tennessee union free and right to work for less. So yes, the company wants the union, the workers want the union but local activists do not. It’s insanely bizarro-world ironic.

A business-backed group put up a billboard declaring, “Auto Unions Ate Detroit. Next Meal: Chattanooga,” while a prominent anti-union group, the National Right to Work Committee, has brought legal challenges against the U.A.W.’s effort, asserting that VW officials improperly pressured workers to back a union. (emphasis mine)

The anti-union forces, like anti-tax freak Grover Norquist’s Center for Worker Freedom (fully utilizing the expected Orwellian nomenclature) have hilariously claimed that the field is unfairly tilted because they should have as much access to the workers (to lie to them) as the union and the company management has.

The story in a nutshell is that German companies have worker councils that work hand in glove with management that they feel give them competitive advantages. VW thinks it would be a great idea if their American plants had them too. But what would VW, and their workers who chose to unionize, know about running a car company and manufacturing cars? Clearly, Grover Norquist and GOP Senator Bob Corker know better.

Senator Corker said…“While I care about Volkswagen, what I care most about is our community and about our households being able to progress and have a great standard of living,” he said….

He added, “The work rules and other things that typically come with the UA.W. would drive up costs. It would make the facility less competitive.”

The anti-union organizers (anti-organizing unions?) are frightened to death that their work to kill unions will be undone by a resurgence of collectivism. If the union gets into VW, then BMW and Mercedes will be next and before long being a right to work state will have lost all its meaning.

The only thing they’re more scared of is the lack of hatred that young people are evidencing towards unions. Decades of demonizing unions has not seemed to had much effect on those young people striking against McDonalds and Walmart. And now student athletes want a union?

What are we coming to?

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