Happy Super Bowl Day, the Greatest Day of All

We kissed at midnight when it became Super Bowl Day and sang Auld Punt Syne.

Santa brought us beer, chips and dip for Super Bowl Day!

I gave my sweetie her Super Bowl Day valentine (football shaped)!

Taking an hour from the 16 hour pre-game show to get a mattress at the Super Bowl Day mattress sale!

There will be fireworks at the game to celebrate our freedom which is epitomized by Super Bowl Day!

Turkey and all the trimmings will be served as we remember and are Thankful for the first pick up Super Bowl with the Native Americans.

And just before kickoff we’ll light the last candle for the eighth day of Super Bowl.



I will live with tremendous life long regret that I did not ride the Super Bowl Toboggan in Times Square. What was I thinking?

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