Back on the Blogging Couch

Took a week off from spreading my mental seed. It had nothing to do with losing a bet on the Superb Owl. Just felt meh about pretty much everything this week.

Two things I am obsessed with are:

  1. The sadness of the ice skater who falls down in the first minute of a five minute program. Sure, the audience can love you for bravely going on and getting through your routine, but as soon as your culo hit the ice you know your chances of standing on a platform and hearing your national anthem were kaput. How do you mentally deal with that? 
  2. People go crazy after they hit 50. I’m seeing more insane behavior from people in the first couple of years after crossing the half century mark than they exhibited in the first five decades. Of course, this is not true for everybody. Personally, I’ll cop to having more weird thoughts that I ever imagined I could have in having to come to terms with the (hopefully) long slow decline. I had a best friend for 47 years who is no longer talking to me and I don’t know why. It’s just weird. 

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