Clean Debt Limit Raise Passes House, Not Real Evidence of Sanity

Boehner performed the minimum acceptable level of governance by putting a clean debt ceiling bill on the floor in violation of the GOP’s sacred and yet oh so bullshit “Hastert Rule”. This unwritten “rule” is the legislative equivalent of a fistful of hair in your drain, clogging the works up – a de facto house filibuster. It states that the speaker is not to bring any legislation to the floor unless it will be approved by a majority of the majority. This is what keeps any rational legislation that addresses the real world – and could pass – like immigration or jobs bills, from coming to the floor. Apparently under Hastert the only business of the people allowed to be dealt with are anti-choice bills, renaming post offices for Ronald Reagan and the obligatory weekly Obamacare repeal. So Boehner has now fulfilled his job as speaker and not stolen his ridiculous salary on a handful of occasions when his back was to the wall.

Some will whoop “huzzah” and say this is evidence of the tea party being put on the leash and smacked on the snout with a newspaper. But excuse me if I do not crow over Boehner not letting his crazy ass caucus run his party, and the full faith and credit of the republic, into the ground. By the way you still have a threat of filibuster by Ted Cruz in the senate, so there’s still an opportunity for an insane attempt to shoot the hostage. 

Ultimately, anybody who says that the GOP establishment is now firmly in control of the rudder is ignoring the pirates holding a knife to Captain Orange’s throat and telling him to steer into the iceberg. Not deliberately sinking the ship is not the same as steering it into port.

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