Hawks Gonna Screech

If they’re nothing they’re consistent. All you need to know to see that certain factions of our political leadership are not on the side of rational thought is a nice little foreign “crisis”, preferably one involving the old Soviet Union. The good old predictable hawks and their broken clock heroes are looking to mobilize our underutilized armed forces again. Cue John McCain and we are all Ukrainians now.  Gee, I thought we were all Syrians now and before that we were all Georgians and before that… go back far enough and we’re all Peloponnesians now. 

The GOP shows once again that politics ends at the water’s edge when a Republican is in the WH, but not with a black Democrat. Obama is getting his lunch eaten by a bully and he’s making us all look bad. He’s got to be stronger. How? Well, that’s not my department. The first rule of GOP hawkdom is an opportunity to savage the president must not be wasted.

Of course, there’s very little that can actually be done other than what the Russian financial markets are already doing. While America and the EU wring hands over what sanctions or wrist slaps can actually be achieved the market is speaking already and telling Putin that all this old fashioned Soviet dick waving is not cool, man. The GOP, who used to crow about uncertainty hurting the economy, should know that Putin is playing chicken with his oligarchs’ money here. Putin may find that he has overestimated the strength of his strongarm tactics. The green of the markets may overwhelm the brown of the shirts marching into Crimea.

As much as it would save the national Viagra and Cialis reserves to send aircraft carriers to the Crimean Sea, giving a lot of old men their first non chemical hard-on since “the Surge,” it might be prudent to wait and see what kind of pressure falls on Putin to pull back.

The twist on all of this is that certain factions of the GOP, the Tea Party, the followers of Sarah Palin in particular, have come full circle with Putin and are absolutely rooting for him to school our black President. Never mind history and talk of “the Evil Empire” that their hero Reagan vanquished. Putin has evidenced strong moral leadership what with his shirtless rides and hating on the gays. He’s their new hero.

From the TeaParty.org comments:

Biggest contrast between those two presidents Putin support Christians and suppress Muslims and Obama hate Christians and support Muslims.

Disgusting? Oh yeah.


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