Shenna Bellows for Senate in Maine

Because there’s no good goddamn reason for a Republican senator to come from Maine in 2014. Susan Collins is a Republican who votes with Republicans, like a Republican, which means she’s no moderate – not in this modern GOP, no sirree. Collins has gotten away with this moderate act for too long.

The DSCC has caught up with giving Collins the challenge she, and Maine deserves.

“Shenna Bellows has spent her career fighting for the people of Maine and is the type of leader we need in the U.S. Senate,” Bennet said. “Shenna is an energetic leader who has fought for women’s rights, civil rights, individual freedoms, environmental protections, and an economy that works for everyone. She has the values and vision to always do what’s best for Mainers.”

Collins is lauded as one of the Republican Party’s more moderate senators and has high favorability ratings in the state. But Bellows has highlighted her ownbackground in civil liberties as one aspect of her candidacy that voters may find appealing. She led Maine’s ACLU chapter for more than eight years, working on voting rights and marriage equality campaigns.

Bellows beat Collins in fundraising in the final quarter of 2013, attributing her haul to grassroots support.

Bellows spent Tuesday in D.C. rallying at the Supreme Court with reproductive rights groups.

Collins does separate herself from the rest of her party at times, when it’s not important. She voted for ENDA when it wasn’t that close and the House was going to deny it anyway. Same with last year’s common sense gun laws, she was all for them with her rhetoric, but voted against some of them when the votes were close. The typical “moderate” vote for Collins is on Chuck Hagel’s completely non-controversial nomination to Sec Def. She voted for cloture (against her party, when it was safe to do so), but against his nomination (with her party).

Collins voted with her party against extending unemployment insurance.

Collins voted with her party to keep Guantanamo Bay detention camp open.

Collins voted with her party against the Student Loan Affordability Act.

She’s just a disaster for a blue state like Maine to have punished America with for so long. In 2014 there should be no GOP in Maine, no GOP in New England. Full stop!

Bellows is pro-choice, pro-marijuana, pro-union, pro-minimum wage increase and against the NSA’s domestic data gathering. So throw some cash at Shenna Bellows for Senate

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