Being Progressive is Like Living in the Future

We saw Bundy for who he was (old nutty douchebag) a week ahead of it becoming obvious to conservatives.  That’s partially true because progressives are smart enough to read the subtext of people’s words and actions and see the patterns of history – so progressive reporters, and comedians, saw immediately the profound contradictions between Bundy’s situation and the well worn anti-moocher positions usually on display at Fox, as well as the racist militia movement underpinnings to almost everything that came out of the mouths of Bundy and his well armed but brain dead supporters. Conservatives seem to always just take things at face value and almost willfully keep their insights no further than skin deep (no pun intended) until the underlying truth becomes obvious and it, hilariously, blows up in their puzzled faces. 

This situation played itself out in a fairly compact time period so it had peak effectiveness in undermining conservative credibility. All too often the truth is revealed months later when mainstream and conservative media has already moved on and the impression of the first reporting being correct is left out there. Like when a newspaper prints a retraction on page 37 while the lies were on page 1 – nobody sees the retraction so the lie lingers in the common mind. In the Bundy situation, the entire basket of crazy was deliciously dumped out while everyone was still watching.

But back to living in the future – progressives keep taking positions that conservatives fight against but over time are validated as more factual, more effective, better policy for the greater good. Whether it’s slavery, universal suffrage, human rights, science and medicine, labor laws and unions, progressive taxation, public education, activist government, foreign military interventionism against Nazism and fascism and restraint against Communism – the progressive, liberal position has been substantiated by history and adopted by society. Then eventually co-opted and claimed by conservatives as really and truly their idea originally, when convenient. Then undermined by them relentlessly as they claim to agree with its basic tenets. 

It’s like living in the future. But constantly visiting a stupidly frustrating past.

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