Supreme Court Gives EPA Big Victory

Well, that’s a shocker. The Court in a 6-2 vote gave the EPA a big victory upholding a rule adopted in 2011 to limit smog causing emissions that drift from state to state. Alito was not part of the decision. Thomas and Scalia dissented. So that means Roberts joined the majority and will be further excoriated by the right wing as a traitor since his Affordable Care Act decision.

The ruling means that the polluting states will be forced to reduce smokestack pollution that sullies the air in downwind states. Industry and upwind states had fought the effort and paint it as another attempt by the administration to shut down coal-fired power plants.

Common sense wins, for a change, at the world’s most respected crap shoot.

Update: In his dissent, Scalia made an embarrassing blunder. I once had a debate with a conservative who tried to explain Scalia’s tendency to be, as he explained it, “the gadfly, the contrarian, not politically correct.” My response was that the other way to interpret his actions is that he’s just an asshole.

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