Iraq is Imploding – Which Was Inevitable Since 2003

The Bush/Cheney/Neo-Con invasion of Iraq is the slow moving disaster that keeps on disastering. There really was never any hope that it was going to end well. And the fact that once American troops left the country the media and politicians here in the happy happy joy joy of America kind of thought Iraq had ended. No need to pay any attention to that country anymore, it’s on auto-democracy.

The people that banged the gong for that debacle are the same disgusting and shameless Sunday morning gabfest crowd (ahem, John McCain and Lindsay Graham) who are already blaming Obama for what they put in action in 2003.

I’m trying to decide if this is a new low after the latest low of their condemnation of the Bergdahl deal, or is this just their usual assholery. Tough to figure out these days.

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