Tesla is Opening its Patents to the Open Source Crowd

Dr. Salk gave away his patent to the Polio vaccine for the sake of the world. This may not be quite in that league of selflessness, but it’s not that far off.

In short, Tesla is opening up its patents to competitors. Like so many of Musk’s ideas, it sounds crazy but might just be brilliant.

Tesla, Musk explains, was founded with the goal of taking electric cars mainstream. At the outset, it filed patents like any other company, because it was worried that bigger automakers would simply copy its technology and drive it of business. Instead, with a few exceptions, major automakers have continued to ignore alternatives to gasoline-powered engines. And Musk has decided that’s even worse.

The faster battery technology can move forward and we can stop burning carbon the better for the future of humanity on Earth. So, it’s a pretty goddamn big deal. Elon Musk, good on ya!

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