Another Shoe Drops on Christie (f/k/a The Luckiest Man in America)

With the GWB lane blockage investigation, the Hoboken intimidation, the Pulaski Skyway misappropriation, I count this story as the fourth shoe to drop as newspapers and the like commit actual journalism to show what a nasty, bullying, partisan, thieving, corrupt, blowhard piece of crap Chris Christie is.

Christie’s administration has granted $1.25 Billion in taxpayer funds to GOP donors since 2012. 

Corporations that contributed millions of dollars to the Chris Christie-led Republican Governors Association and other GOP campaigns have received public funding deals worth almost $1.25bn from his New Jersey administration in less than two years.

Just a shame that so little journalism was committed BEFORE his reelection. New Jersey actually needs some real leadership but we’re stuck with a zombie lame duck governor. At least all this scrutiny may slow down his political steamroller. The Dems in Trenton should be pretty empowered by now, you know, rather than the fat ass kissing toadies they were until the GWB scandal broke.

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