My Idea for Middle East War

I’ve been hesitant to even write anything on this because it’s a fucking snake pit. The most innocent Facebook post about how everyone should just get along in Gaza (think about the children!) will lead to angry denunciations and rhetorical witch burnings.

I personally am so fed up with the entire thing I came to the “pox on both their houses” stance eons ago. Which is controversial enough, given that something like 75% of Americans favor Israel under all circumstances and have adopted the stance that they wear the white yarmulkes and the Palestinians (read: Hamas the Merciless!) are just terrorists who eat babies, or who don’t care about babies, or something.

So despite that here goes:

1. both sides should send the children away, all of the Palestinian children, all the Israeli children, pack ’em up and send them to the four corners of the world for safety. I suggest Ireland, Michigan, Germany and Costa Rica. That’s 4 random places, but the kids would be safe there;

2. the adults just fight it out; and

3. whoever wins gets everything.

My bet is that the kids won’t even come back. A few months in Ireland and the kids will be so happy to be out of the ridiculously hot desert and all pervasive sand shit that they will have an epiphany and realize that the Middle East is a bullshit place for people to live in the first place. They’d come to the realization that nobody would live there at all except for the Bible and oil and that’s bullshit.

Then the victorious adults who won the whole shootin’ match (pun intended) can die there in the heat and sand while the next generation gets on with their lives in real places like Costa Rica, or Michigan.

2 thoughts on “My Idea for Middle East War

  1. There is , as you say, much to criticize all around. But you do have to single out some actions of Hamas and Isrealis .For Hamas, why turn down cease fires along the way? What the hell is the point of the sending the rockets that bring the response? They know they can’t achieve any military goal. Instead, they understand it is a PR war they are fighting, and they willing sacrifice hundreds of Ps lives and scores of communities . Damn the consequences for their people, Hamas wants the attacks because that helps them win the PR war and turn world against the Isrealis. And the Isrealis stupidly play right into their hands. Beyond the attacks that alienate the world, they insist on stopping negotiations for the two state solution until Ps acknowledge their right to exist. what is the point of that? If Hamas said tomorrow Isreal has a right to exist, how is the reality of the longstanding hatred any different. The Is should get past this by ending the immorality of occupation and accepting two states without condition. They can defend themselves just fine and would then have the moral high ground if Ps continue to attack etc.

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