Hudson & East River Tunnels Will Have to Close For Maintenance, Thanks Christie

This is going to be very, very, very bad. There are two 100 year old tunnels under the Hudson River that carry up to 24 Amtrak and NJ Transit trains an hour. There are four tunnels under the East River that carry Amtrak, LIRR and NJ Transit (NJ Transit has a rail yard in Queens) trains.

All of these tunnels suffered damage from flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy.

And now they have to be closed and overhauled.

One at a time. For up to a year each. And it’s going to be very bad for the most heavily travelled commuter corridor in the country.

Worth noting, that two brand spanking new tunnels were supposed to have been in construction right now, bless Jesus and Robert Moses! But they’re NOT being constructed goddammit! Because of Chris Christie f/k/a The Luckiest Man in America. Christie, in the great Nixonian tradition, grabbed whatever Port Authority money earmarked for this project that he could grab with his grubby hands and used it for projects that he could grease local politicians with – mostly the renovation of bridges that have nothing to do with the Hudson crossings. Apparently, like Robert Moses who hated tunnels because you couldn’t see them and couldn’t maximize the visual PR value of them like a massive new bridge spanning a body of water, Christie saw no benefit to him in the tunnels that had been 15 years in the planning and so cancelled them.

[True and alarming historical note: Robert Moses wanted to build a bridge from the Battery to Brooklyn instead of the eventually built Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. A bridge in that space would have been built right where Battery Park is today and would have disrupted almost all of the historic downtown Wall Street area. Thankfully, activists and city officials fought his plan and won with the ultimate help of FDR’s War Dept. that claimed the bridge would compromise national defense by interfering with ship traffic in the NY bays.]

My question that has never been answered is how can one person make such a short term decision to derail (pun intended) a very long term project that will effect commuting in the region for decades.

Secondly, with so many high end NJ tax payers effected by his decisions how he didn’t pay more of a price for this horrifically bad decision I’ll never understand. This decision alone should make you a pariah.

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