Smart People, Steep Learning Curve

Dems did not learn from 2000.

They did not learn from 2010. They said they did, but they didn’t.

You cannot run away from your values and assets. One shouldn’t have to write that sentence. It’s like saying “you cannot run away from oxygen.” Why would you want to?

Dems do run away from their values and assets because they don’t trust them and they believe they have to play “smart” political games. How’s that working for you?

This is actually remarkably simple.

If you rely on simple nostrums, platitudes, primal fears, greed and ignorance then you can formulate very basic messages and play all sorts of mind fuck games with the public.

But if you want to appeal to the better angels of people’s nature, logic, rationality, facts, science, math, etc. then you better damn well be willing to stand up straight and stand for those values 100% and do not be afraid to be pedantic about it. Be a thought leader that drives the debate. DANCING AND PLAYING ‘SMART’ POLITICAL GAMES WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU!

One thought on “Smart People, Steep Learning Curve

  1. On the one hand, we have to acknowledge that the political map was stacked against us. Col and NC were only states where Ds lost but could reasonably have hoped to win. On the other hand, you have to wonder what the world would look like if Ds had done what you say all along — sell the messages they believe in and tout their successes. Rs gave up on ACA because it was becoming more popular. Why didn’t Ds push that issue? The economy is better by every measure. But Ds didn’t run on that. Imm reform and env issues motivate voters but Ds didn’t touch. It’s akin to sports : if you play afraid to lose, you never win

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