Normalizing with Cuba as Russian Economy Collapses

After the “War on Drugs” the American shunning of Cuba, as if they aren’t right there 90 miles from Florida, has to be the stupidest, least effective and most childish foreign policy initiative we have pursued watched as it fails miserably.

It was time to end it 40 years ago but now’s as good a time as any.

It’s the kind of big, welcome, turning the battleship around, kind of news the Obama Admin, has been generating lately as the GOP takes control of D.C., the President slinks into irrelevancy and the media completely changes focus to the Jeb Bush vs. Hilary Clinton ultra-death match of 2016.

Waiting for the conservative meltdown about ending the failed policy in 3…2…1.

Meanwhile over in Russia, Sarah Palin’s best friend, “Shirtless” Vlad Putin, is suffering from the sanctions imposed after his impetuous Ukrainian adventure and the nose dive of global oil.

Putin, like most nationalist reptiles is never that easy to predict, and he could always use his formidable rhetorical bombast to turn these turns of events into further rallying cries against the west. But it’s hard to look back now at the RWNJ embrace of Putin over Ukraine (they said Obama was weak for not bombing Russia as they were extolling Putin’s virtues as a great bear wrestling leader) and the Obama-led sanctions as less than a quite successful foreign policy of restraint. Once again Obama is right and his detractors were incredibly wrong. Now wait for them to take credit for it.

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