Smart Woman Gets Killed By Her Own Gun

Yeah, it’s tragic that a 29 year old woman died because her 2 year old found the gun she tried to hide in her purse. Tragic for the woman, the child, the other children who witnessed it, the family of all of these victims, etc. I have two burning questions that are gnawing at me:

    1. Why in this time of historically low crime and truly rare stranger danger do so many Americans, smart educated Americans, believe they need a loaded gun with them AT ALL TIMES?
    2. Did anybody read or hear this story and take the loaded gun out of their purse today?

And everyone is quick to add that she was a very, very responsible gun owner. Maybe that’s the most damning piece of information of all. Statistically, guns don’t differentiate between innocent and guilty, responsible or painfully stupid. Guns don’t discriminate.

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