Big Wind in Europe

No, Rush Limbaugh isn’t on vacation. Bada boom! Please tip your waitresses.

Denmark Sets World Record for Wind Production at generating 39.1% of its electric power in 2014 from wind!

The news of Denmark’s feat adds to the national records the U.K. and Germany set for 2014 and further establishes Europe as a leader in the wind power industry. This is especially true when it comes to offshore resources, as countries like Scotland, England, and Denmark build out their offshore wind farms. Wind generated enough electricity to power just over 25 percent of U.K. homes in 2014 — a 15 percent increase from 2013. In December, Germany generated more wind power, 8.9 terawatt-hours, than in any previous month.

In 2012 Denmark passed legislation mandating the country achieve 35% renewable usage by 2020 and 100% by 2050. 50 countries have pledged to be carbon free by 2050. Many of those countries, including Germany, may well get there years ahead of schedule.

Records keep falling for wind and solar generation, no surprise there. What i did not know, somehow, is that 9 of 10 of all offshore wind turbines come from Denmark. No shit! They started up big into wind in the 70s and are really pushing it as an industry. The other surprise is that Texas is putting up some good numbers too. Yes, Texas, heart of the American oil industry is also going pretty big into wind.

Cutting global carbon use by 75% by 2050 is absolutely doable and is probably our only hope of avoiding the worst consequences of global climate change. This renewable train has left the station and will not be stopped. I’m figuring on getting panels on my home sometime in 2015, fingers crossed.

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