And the Bad News Is: Water Wars Coming!

The NY Times printed an OpEd by a Texan who actually understands the world around him. How Drought is Producing Tensions in Texas describes the race to the bottom of the well that is the American Southwest. I know I go on about this and it’s my bugaboo, but it’s only because I like water. Drinking it, bathing in it, how it helps things grow, the whole package is pretty amazing and science says it’s kinda essential to life. So when you know about the history of the region and the draining of the aquifers, the long standing droughts, profound water shortages and desperate plans to divert water from wherever they can get it, in light of:

Then there is the Southwest’s never-ending population boom. Texas is home to four of the 10 fastest-growing cities in the United States. Expanding cities like Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas are exhausting Lake Meade — and eyeballing aquifers and pipelines from other states. Californians are preparing that most expensive solution of all: desalinating water from the Pacific Ocean.

Yeah, people are oblivious to this stuff and they keep moving to places that have no natural water. To them, water comes in plastic bottles at the Ralphs, so why are you getting so upset? There’ll always be water.

There doesn’t have to be.


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