You Reap in Crazy What You Sow in Crazy Dept.

Former Sen. and present grifter Rick Santorum got asked a provocative question recently

30 years of right wing talk radio, Fox News and the dumbing down of the GOP from a white, male, Wall Street, managerial oriented party to a white, male, loony bin, grifter oriented party has brought us to this. But I will reiterate that the media are almost as at fault for one of our two major parties descending into madness as the responsible leaders and statesmen of the GOP who let it happen. If at any time the mainstream media had sounded alarm bells about how wacko the GOP was becoming and if the credibility of Fox News and the increasingly sanity averse Republicans had been taken to task in any real way instead of invoking the bullshit of “both sides do it”, maybe we wouldn’t be here… but we are.

Yes, ma’am, he’s a communist dictator, he’s not a citizen, he’s destroying the country, he tried to nuke Charleston, SC. We all know these things. The nuked Charleston is apparently from conspiracy theorist nutbag Alex Jones.

Of course, Rick Santorum wasn’t going to correct any of these blatherings. Little did we know that when John McCain did set a crazy old lady straight in 2008, that was the last time any Republican would act responsibly with a deluded member of the public. So now you have about 25% of the country who would agree with most (if not all) of what this woman spews here.

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