The Real Victims of Citizens United – the Poor Millionaires (no kidding)

Pity the poor millionaires in a world of billionaires. Here we are in the bureau of unforeseen consequences again. The 5 justices of the Supreme Court who voted to memorialize the idea that money is speech and cannot be limited in campaigns, just couldn’t know the sad downside of their idealism. That when you remove the speed limit on the campaign finance superhighway so that millionaires and billionaires can take their rightful place in the pockets of all elected officials, it doesn’t just cut the 99% out of the process; it also gags the 99.9%.

In 2016 campaign, the lament of the not quite rich enough

At this point in the 2012 presidential race, Terry Neese was in hot demand.

“Gosh, I was hearing from everyone and meeting with everyone,” said Neese, an Oklahoma City entrepreneur and former “Ranger” for President George W. Bush who raised more than $1 million for his reelection.

This year, no potential White House contender has called — not even Bush’s brother, Jeb. The only e-mails came from staffers for two other likely candidates; both went to her spam folder.

“They are only going to people who are multi-multi-millionaires and billionaires and raising big money first,” said Neese, who founded a successful employment agency. “Most of the people I talk to are kind of rolling their eyes and saying, ‘You know, we just don’t count anymore.’ ”

It’s the lament of the rich who are not quite rich enough for 2016.

So fellow 99%ers, here’s our opportunity to make common cause with that .9% at the almost tippy top against the .1% bastards. Maybe when Justice Alito reads this over his morning Ovaltine he’ll realize how wrong he was and call a meeting of the Super Friends to rethink their mistake.


But since the Supreme Court is not a court and the justices are not judges, that’s about as liely as Ted Cruz signing up for Obamacare, uh what?

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