Asshole of the Week

There are so many. But here’s my choice of worst shite spewers for this calendar week:

No. 1: Parents complain when special needs student wears letter jacket

WICHITA, Kansas (KSNW) – A Wichita woman claims her special needs son was asked to remove his letter jacket at school.

The student, Michael Kelley, has Down Syndrome and autism. Kelley is not a varsity athlete but participates in extra-curricular special needs basketball.

This asshole is that type of asshole that says “not everybody gets a trophy in life” so if you’re not legitimate varsity you don’t get to wear the letter jacket. And fine, if you want to think that. Although, you’re wrong, because kids want to feel validation for their participation. You want to smack adults over the head with all the shit life has to give, fine, but how about we support and validate kids whose psyches are still being formed? Is that so difficult?

Now when you go over to a kid with down syndrome who loves to play basketball and tell him he can’t wear the jacket he’s wearing because you’re the varsity letter police, then you are mean and yes, an ASSHOLE.

No. 2: GOPer says Gays, Like Slave Owners, Are ‘Good People’ Who Made Bad Choices

Aw hell no!! This is so assholian on so many levels it surpasses the numerous other mundanely stupid things said this week by Republicans everywhere.

“Slave owners were very good Christians and good people,” Shepherd told the reporter, before noting that he was not not a fan of slavery. “I totally disagree with that.”

Shepherd allegedly noted that the fight surrounding gay marriage was an example of how “good people” can be led astray by poor moral convictions.

“They (slave owners) weren’t terrible rotten horrible people,” Shepherd reportedly said. Shepherd added that they were simply people who made bad choices, before clarifying that “that’s how I see gay people.”

Republicans are generally tragically bad at both history and analogies, thusly the comparisons between climate change deniers and Galileo which gets the analogy exactly fucking the opposite. Or the infinite comparisons to President Obama and Hitler.

So the amount of stuff that Mr. Shephard does not understand here is vast. He does not get (1) that gay people just want to be free to be themselves and marry whom they love, or (2) that slave owners did not just make a bad choice – they perpetuated a “lifestyle” that enslaved other human beings for economic gain and justified it as both the moral and ethical better choice even for the enslaved.

It’s particularly galling to me after having recently read “The Half Has Never Been Told” a truly great history of slavery in America and the epic failure of our Founding Fathers that took 70 years for Abraham Lincoln to finally fix. Nobody who understands the whipping machine that was the vast and expanding empire of cotton that built the South (and to a large extent also both the North’s and Europe’s manufacturing base, which relied so much on the brutally efficient cultivation of cotton) could make such a grievously stupid statement as slave owners were ‘good people’ who were led astray.

And then to compare them to gays? You, sir are an ASSHOLE!

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