Early Asshole of the Week or Just Another Grifter

Carly Fiorina, failed CEO and failed candidate is looking to fail at logic too. Blaming environmentalists and democrats for California’s drought crisis. It’s pretty obvious now that she’s decided to become a conservative nut job probably in order to get in on the grift.

The signs are clear:

  • start saying crazy things against liberals and the usual targets in the echo chamber
  • drop hints about running for office again as if anybody cares

    Watch to see if she moves out of California, where she would never be elected statewide, ever. On the other hand why does a RW grifter have to have any rational hope of winning office? Like Palin, Fiorina probably understands that the beauty of the grift is getting dopes to give you money while you continue to have absolutely no responsibility for effecting change.

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