So Did Somebody Get Raped at UVA?

You know what, in all this kerfuffle I never read the original story at Rolling Stone or any of the retractions and recriminations. Too bad if Rolling Stone’s reputation is badly wounded over this because their political reporting has been aces for quite a while. Credit to them that they are willing and able to investigate their investigation and come clean.

Same story with the Ferguson DOJ report a few weeks back. In all the chaos of a terrible investigation done by some unprofessional law enforcement and a DA with an agenda, lots of potential misinformation became public. Many witnesses were not credible on both sides. But the DOJ investigated and while conservatives took a misguided victory lap, other news outlets and commentators just corrected the record, as appropriate.

Never happens on the right. Judith Miller has no apologies. Cheney and the neo-cons will never admit what investigation after investigation made crystal. They wear their rationalizations as a badge of honor.

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