More Fun with Polling – Abortion Edition

The headline in Think Progress says it all: Polls Have Been Misleading You on What Americans Actually Believe About Abortion.

Pollster Tresa Undem has been thinking about how people think about abortion and decided pollsters have been asking the wrong questions. The “pro-life” and “pro-choice” labels are fixated upon to the detriment of everybody.

That’s one of the areas that Undem experimented with in the poll she recently conducted for Vox. She asked respondents a series of questions about what they believed a woman’s abortion experience should look like. If a woman wanted to have an abortion, would they want her experience to be “comfortable,” “supportive,” “without pressure,” “non-judgmental,” “affordable,” “informed by medically-accurate information,” or “without added burdens”?

A large majority of respondents — at least 69 percent — said “yes” for each of those descriptors, suggesting there’s consensus about how Americans want women to be treated after they choose to seek an abortion. This aspect of Undem’s polling is “really groundbreaking,” according to Stewart.

Smarter polls have indicated for awhile that way more people want abortion to be legal to some extent than those that want it to be illegal to any extent. But this polling really measures whether people are sympathetic to the experience of a woman who has to deal with an unintended pregnancy.

Well worth a full read.

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